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Good Morning! The Sun is shining and it looks like Spring has finally come!!!

Judy's Cakes and Confections is here to save you time and make sure that you have some great additions to your holiday dinner! All food is made using organic ingredients, and most items can be meet your dietary needs: Sugar free, Low sugar, Keto/low carb, Vegetarian or Vegan.

We make many sweet treats, but did you know that we make savory goods too?

Savory goods include:

• Judy's Famous Yeast Dinner rolls - buttery, soft and golden, rolls sold by the dozen: $10/doz or $18 for 2 dozen. Rolls come in an oven proof aluminum pan so that you can warm them up when it's time for dinner (or a snack).

Judy's Honey Butter Cornbread - made from scratch, basted in honey butter, this cornbread is delicious! Sold in an aluminum pan to make it easy to warn it up when you are ready to eat Small pan (serves 6 - 8)

Lobster Mac and Cheese - need I say more? Decadent, rich and delicious, this casserole is sold in 2 sizes: Small (serves 4-6) - $25; Large (serves 8 - 10) $40. Mac and cheese comes in an oven proof aluminum pan to make it easy to warm up when you are ready to eat.

Four Cheese Mac and Cheese - sharp cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese, asiago and parmesan cheese make this a delicious addition to your meal. This casserole is sold in 2 sizes: Small (serves 4-6) - $25; Large (serves 8 - 10) $40. Mac and cheese comes in an oven proof aluminum pan to make it easy to warm up when you are ready to eat.

Easter Sweets and Treats Specials:

Decorated butter sugar cookies - these are delicious, rich, sugar cookies decorated with vanilla or lemon icing (lemon icing by request). Each cookie is decorated/iced individually by hand, and colors can be customized. Cookies sold by 1/2 dozen or dozen.

Cookies are individually wrapped and each is presented in a beautiful gold bag; this would make a great item to give/send as a gift, to give your dinner guests to take home, or even could be used as a place card holder if you are having a formal dinner... We can pack and ship these cookies for you at an additional cost - just ask!

Cross with Flowers cookies - 1/2 dozen - $10; 1 dozen $20

Traditional Easter Cross cookies - 1/2 dozen - $9; 1 dozen - $18

Stained Glass Window cookies: 1/2 dozen - $12; 1 dozen - $24

Banana Pudding - old fashioned, layered goodness, baked banana pudding with meringue, just like Grandma used to make. Serves 6 - 8: $28.00 Note: Banana pudding orders for pick up or local delivery only - this item cannot be mailed or shipped.

Rum Cake - melt in your mouth, moist, vanilla and buttery cake that is bathed and soaked in a Jamaican Dark rum, and topped with a rum soaked glaze. This cake only gets better as it ages, but it's so good that it usually doesn't last very long. Large: (serves 12 - 15) $37.50; Small: (serves 6 - 8) $25.00. This cake ships or mails well - and your recipient(s) will love you for thinking of them...

Carrot Cake - three layers of carrot cake goodness, very moist, light, delicious cake with cream cheese buttercream icing. Loaded with pecans it makes a great addition to your holiday meal. Serves 12 - 15

To place your order, call or text Judy Williams at (312) 407-7870 or email: [email protected]


Judy's Yeast Rolls