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We make many different types of treats to help you celebrate Valentine's Day in style!  Please refer to our Sweets or Savory Menu pages for other options.

Orders for Valentine's Day delivery or pick up in the Chicago area must be placed  and confirmed no later than Sunday, February 6th. If placing an order after February 6th, call (312) 407-7870 to insure that your order can be fulfilled.

Heart Shaped Layer Cake - 8" - 2 layers $40

  • Yellow, chocolate or strawberry batter with vanilla or chocolate buttercream icing, strawberry filling and Valentine's Day decorations
  • 8" 2 layer cake (heart shaped); cake can be filled/decorated with strawberries or other Valentine's Day candies/decorations  

3 Layer Round Cake  - 6" $35  or  9" $48

  • Yellow, chocolate or strawberry batter with vanilla, chocolate fudge, or strawberry buttercream icing, strawberry filling and Valentine's Day decoration:
  • 6 inch 3 layer cake (feeds 2-4) $35.00 (regular price $40.00)
  • 10 inch 3 layer cake (feeds 12-15) $48.00 (regular price $55.00)

Valentine's Day decorated butter sugar cookies 

(4 design options available, additional 15% discount on 2nd or 3rd dozen for larger orders):

  • 1 dozen 4-5 inch cookies, vanilla icing and decorations, individually wrapped $35.00/per dozen (regular price $40.00/dozen),  $18/half-dozen (regular price $20.00/ half-dozen)
  • 1 dozen 3-4 inch cookies, vanilla icing and decorations,  individually wrapped $24.00/per dozen (regular price $28.00/dozen), $12 /half-dozen  ($14/half-dozen)   

ALL ORDERS ARE CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS - most items can be baked gluten free, reduced sugar/sugar free, vegetarian, vegan or Keto.  Please let us know if you have special dietary considerations and we will confirm that it is possible to make the item for you.

Treats are baked to order and to make sure to give your order the time, attention and care that it deserves Valentine's Day orders must be placed/confirmed no later than February 6th!  

PLACE YOUR ORDER as soon as possible to make sure we can accommodate your request!!!